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Come and support the work of the organisations within the Village that provide us with so much – they all volunteer their time for you.
Village Hall, Playing Field, New Village Hall, Church and Village Fayre Committees
Refreshments will be served and it is a great way to hear about what is happening and find out how you can get involved.

The Mayfield Trust

The Trustees of the Mayfield Trust have asked asked if we could help raise awareness in the Village about it’s activities. We are only to pleased to do so…

What is The Mayfield Trust?

Mayfield Charity (informally known as the Mayfield Trust) is a Charity that provides short-term assistance to those most in need within the local community.  Originally it provided help solely to poor and needy individuals/families of the Parish, but in recent years the scope of the Trust has been increased and we are now able, in some circumstances, to assist local organisations in their support of the community.

A brief history

The Mayfield Trust is a very long established body.  Its funds originate from money or property left in the wills of a number of benefactors, notably the Baker family, with the oldest being the Hugh Luck will trust of 1630.  In the early 1900’s a number of these were brought together and incorporated into the Mayfield Charity, with a further four very small charities being added in the 1980’s.

Today all the Trust’s assets are held as cash, invested in approved charitable funds.  Under the terms of the current Scheme, approved by the Charity Commissioners, the Trust is permitted to distribute any annual income arising from the capital invested but the capital itself cannot be touched.

How you can help the Trust

We look to the community for assistance in two ways.

Firstly, if you feel you would like to commemorate your life within the Parish, or connection to Mayfield and the surrounding area, what better way to do so than to leave a legacy to the Trust?  The needs we have to meet change over time – but they do not diminish or cease.

Secondly, we rely very much on information from you to help us identify those in need of assistance.

How the Trust can help you

Subject to availability of funds the Mayfield Trust is able to offer grants to individuals, and occasionally organisations, for a variety of purposes related to health, social, living, and educational needs.  This could include purchase of medical or mobility equipment, helping with a family emergency, the purchase of essential items for those in financial difficulties, or giving a grant to a local organisation to help them provide assistance or a specific service to the local community.

Whatever the background, all requests by individuals are treated in strict confidence.

There are some restrictions affecting grants, the main ones are:

  1. a) the beneficiary must live within “the ancient parish of Mayfield”, which includes Mayfield, Five Ashes and part of Hadlow Down.
  2. b) we cannot give grants for religious or political purposes.
  3. c) grants are normally given on a one-off rather than an on-going basis.

Although we do not make detailed enquiries into financial circumstances, we do need to try to ensure that we direct our grants to those on a very limited budget and in most need.

How do I apply for a grant?

The Trustees meet four times a year, in March, June, September and December, to consider requests for financial assistance.  Requests should be made by submitting a completed application form to the Clerk to the Trustees, to be received by the 20th of the preceding month.

A list of future meeting dates and deadlines for receipt of applications is maintained on the Mayfield Trust link on the Mayfield & Five Ashes village web site (

In exceptional circumstances only, the Trustees may be able to consider an application between meetings, under emergency procedures.

New Village Hall Planning Application Now Online

We  have now been allocated our PLANNING APPLICATION NUMBER, the  consultation period is now open. The consultation period will end on 5th March 2019.

Application Number: WD/2018/2655/MAJ

you may comment here…

( Firstly you will need to click to accept the disclaimer, you will then be re-directed directly to the comments form for our application)

Planning Application for Hadlow Down Community Centre Consultation Detailed Guidance

Application No: WD/2018/2655/MAJ

Finally the project has reached the most critical point in its development.  An assurance was given at the Public Meeting held on 3 December not only to do our utmost to keep all parishioners informed but also advise on the consultation process with deadlines.

If you wish to comment on the application, you can do so in the following ways:- by email (, by letter or by fax (01892 602777).  Written submissions should be sent to: ‘Head of Planning & Environmental Services, Wealden District Council, Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 2AX.

For those of you wishing to  submit your comments ‘online’, simply visit and on the Wealden home page:

  • select ‘Planning Applications and Advice’ – by clicking on the pane entitled ‘Comment on a Planning Application’, you will be shown all the relevant information on how to register your comments including ‘What to Comment On’.
  • Please read this advice and within this guidance, you will find a sub-section entitled ‘Finding applications to comment on using our planning website’, click on the link ‘Planning and Building Control Applications – Advanced Search’.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Disclaimer notice and click on ACCEPT in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Now you are on the ‘Planning Building and Control’ search page. Simply type in the application number WD/2018/2655/MAJ and click on ‘search’.
  • Now you are on the ‘Planning Building and Control Advance’ search page – now click once again on the application number and on the Planning Application Display page, you will see the box entitled ‘Comment on this application’, click on this and away you go. When finished, don’t forget to click the submit tab in the bottom left-hand corner.

Deadline for comment

Tuesday 5thth March 2019

It is crucial you, as villagers have your say. Please register your comments at the Wealden Planning Portal. This is a very important stage in the planning process and the outcome of the application will be hugely determined by the amount of local support provided. We need as many residents as possible to respond with letters of support.

Our thanks to all of you who have supported the project to date, to view details of the project please visit our website

Hadlow Down Remembers

Please join us for an afternoon celebrating and remembering all who served and were
touched by the Great War.

The Church will be filled with project work by the children and community of St Mark’s.
This was a project which was created by the Heritage Lottery Fund (and awarded by the National Lottery) focusing on the First World War “Then And Now, Remembering our Heroes”
This will be exhibited alongside images, historical documents and other ephemera provided by you, the members of our community.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us all to remember and celebrate the huge sacrifice that our families and communities made. To that end, if you have any photographs, letters, stories or objects that you would be prepared to exhibit we would really like to hear from you.
Both men and women served their country during world war 1, not only by serving on the front line but also by bringing in the harvest, feeding the troops, nursing the injured and sick and keeping the wheels ofindustry turning. If you would like to submit anything or require any further information, then
please contact:
Vicky Richards on 01825 830256

A celebratory tea will be served from 3.00pm, which will include, tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes. Live music and songs of the time will be played throughout the afternoon and some of the children will be joining us to share with us what they have learned. We also hope that we will have enough contributions of photographs from you to create a photo montage of our community’s family members from that time which will be a very touching tribute.

Image from the Village Archive depicting Peace Day, July 1919 at The Grange

A project brought to the community by the PCC of Buxted and Hadlow Down


Save your Tesco Bags of Help tokens to help Hadlow Down

The Parish Council has been successful in their project to improve the play area being accepted for the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme during March and April 2019.  They will be competing against 2 other local projects.

The 3 local Tesco branches taking part in the scheme are the Tesco Expresses in Browns Lane, Uckfield and Station Road, Heathfield and the Tesco superstore in Uckfield.

March and April may seem ages away however you can start collecting your vouchers now and if the cashier doesn’t give you any please ask for them.

Energy advice at Wealden District Council

WDC are running an ‘Energy Desk’ at their office in Hailsham during the following dates:

30/01/19 14:00 – 16:00

13/02/19 10:00 – 12:00

20/02/19 10:00 – 12:00

The aim is to help residents with bill checking, reviewing payment methods (pre-payment v DD), access to other services – including Priority Services Register, promoting awareness of unclaimed Warm Home Discount, energy efficiency education and fuelling of the home.

 They hope to reach as many people in Wealden as they can who may benefit from reducing their energy bills.


Road closure Tinkers Lane

There will be a temporary road closure on Tinkers Lane from the junction with the A272 Main Road to the junction with the B2239 Mayfield Flat from 30th-31st January 930-1530.

Gatwick consultation for sustainable future growth

Gatwick airport has unveiled a draft Master Plan for ongoing development and sustainable growth at the airport into the early 2030s.  The Plan shows how Gatwick is planning to do this, across three scenarios:

Using new technologies to increase capacity on Gatwick’s existing Main Runway;

A plan to bring the airport’s existing Standby Runway into routine use alongside the Main Runway;

Continuing to safeguard the land for an additional runway in the future, while not actively pursuing one now

A public consultation is live at and will include five public exhibitions in their local area.  The Consultation closes at 5pm on 10th January 2019.

Increased air traffic will have an impact in the skies over Hadlow Down and therefore effect villagers.  The Parish Council will be making a response to the consultation and would encourage villagers to respond as well.

Hadlow Down Parish Council Clerk