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Welcome to the Hadlow Down website. You will need to register as a user to be able to fully participate in the forums etc. and some of the site pages.
Hadlow Down Online, your community website, is a registered Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and all members of the community who register on this web site automatically become members of the Hadlow Down Online Area Neighbourhood Watch group and will be forwarded, by email, any urgent alerts, warnings etc. from Neighbourhood Watch, Local Policing and East Sussex Trading Standards as soon as they are received. If you have any knowledge or suspicions of criminal activity or anti-social behaviour that you think should be circulated to the rest of the village via email advise webadmin@hadlowdown.com or 'phone 830661.
In common with other web sites that use 'Open Source' software we have recently encountered problems with hundreds of false 'phishing' registration attempts. For the time being to register with the site and be included in the Neighbourhood Watch circulation list and Newsletter please send a request to webadmin@hadlowdown.com with a valid email address and telephone contact number. 

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19th May 2016
The agenda for the Planning Meeting on 26th May 2016 has been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.
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11th May 2016
The draft minutes from the Annual Meeting on 3rd May 2016 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.
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3rd May 2016
The draft minutes from the Parish Assembly on 19th April 2016 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website
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11th April 2016 
The minutes from the Parish Council meeting on 5th April 2016 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website. 
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4th April 2016 
The agenda for the Annual Parish Assembly on 19th April 2016 has been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website. 
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26th March 2016   
Parish Council Expenditure Details for year 2015/16 have been updated   
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25th March 2016  
The minutes from the Parish Council meeting on 22nd March 2016 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website. 
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3rd March 2016  
The minutes from the Parish Council meeting on 1st March 2016  have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website. 
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Hadlow Down Football Club
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This lot would scare the life out of Barcelona or Real Madrid!

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Previously problems with roads (including potholes) were reported via the FixmyStreet website, East Sussex County Council have now set up a new reporting page for any problems with roads, signs and footpaths.  These can be logged at the following website:


Parish Council Clerk

Published: 23/05/2016

This alert is a reminder to be aware of emails that appear to have been sent from a legitimate organisation. Fraudsters often use fake email addresses designed to encourage recipients to open attachments or links. You are advised that if you are in any doubt as to the origin of an email, do not open it. Consider that emails can be spoofed and used to generate spam to recipients far and wide. If you receive a spam email, you MUST NOT open it. Instead, delete it from your email system to avoid infecting your device. If you have opened an attachment from a spam email, you should get your device checked over by a professional and change the passwords for all your bank, email and online shopping accounts. 
Protect yourself:
Do not click or open unfamiliar links in emails or on websites.
Published: 08/04/2016

A number of outbuildings in Dog Kennel Lane, Hadlow Down were broken into about two weeks ago.
The stone buildings had all their padlocks cut form the doors; however, nothing is thought to have been stolen.  The residents were away at the time.
If you have any information that may help please contact the police on 101

Published: 08/04/2016

A mobile 'phone was found in Waste Wood, Hadlow Down in late March.
If you lost one in that area please ' phone Rachel on 07714 006834

Published: 08/04/2016

(For anyone viewing for the first time for a few days please note the publication date!!!)
Breaking News
Hadlow Down Village Committee has installed the new Dog Excrement Atomising Device at the Village Hall and Playing Field sites.
For those not familiar with this US invention it is worth issuing a warning to all dog owners in the area.
The device is activated when a dog within the pick up range of the device, which is set at 50 metres, defecates.  The device has an extremely sensitive odour detection element which only recognizes dog faeces.  If the faeces are picked up, placed in a plastic bag and put into a designated dog ‘poo’ bin within 30 seconds a receptor device within the dog ‘poo’ bin cancels out the device activation.  If the faeces are left on the ground or placed in a bag that is not put into a local dog ‘poo’ bin within 50 seconds then the device picks up the direction in which the dog and any accompanying owner/walker have headed and the faeces and container bag are atomised through a minor explosion which is also automatically directed toward the dog and owner/walker resulting in the faeces covering and settling on said dog and persons.   The odour strength of the original faeces is also increased by the device making it impossible to remove the smell from fur, clothing, skin etc. by washing but will dissipate naturally after 3 or 4 days.

Published: 01/04/2016

Wealden District Council are encouraging residents to respond to their survey regarding mobile phone reception and internet access within the district.  They will then use the information they have obtained to campaign for better connectivity across Wealden.  The survey expires on 18th April and can be accessed here http://ow.ly/ZwxXe

Parish Council Clerk

Published: 16/03/2016

The Parish Council has submitted a formal application to It was recommended that the application encompass the whole parish, although this will have no immediate effect, it is merely the first stage of applying for a Community Right to Build Order (CRtB) to build a new Community Centre and to re-develop the existing Village Hall site.  We would encourage you to respond to the consultation for a Neighbourhood Area through the following link: http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/Residents/

Please contact the Clerk on 01435 860959 if you have any questions.
Parish Council Clerk

Published: 14/03/2016

The Parish Council has received complaints about owners not picking up their dog’s faeces. Despite the majority of people kindly clearing up after their dogs, there is a very small minority who are either leaving the offending item where it has been deposited or placing it in a bag and leaving it hanging in the hedgerow. 
This is especially a problem near the Village Hall, despite a dog bin being provided and residents paying for it to be emptied.  It makes it very unpleasant for residents and users of the hall and is a health hazard. Can owners please either place the dog’s faeces in the dog bins provided at the Village Hall and at the playing field or take it
home with them.  
Thank you for your support in solving this issue

Published: 09/03/2016

Action Fraud has been receiving reports of an advanced fee fraud whereby suspects phone a member of the public and claim to be calling on behalf of the UK (or British) Government Grant Department.

They go on to state that the individual has won a Good Citizen Award – of typically £8,000 – and that the grant can be released for a fee (of around £210).

Published: 04/03/2016

The programme for the Village Hall film nights for 2016 has been published and is as follows:
February 13th The Railway Man 
March 19th  Suffragette
April 16th  The Book Thief 
May 14th   Pride
June 18th   Spectre (James Bond)
July 16th.   Lady in a Van
August 13th.  Brooklyn
September 17th.   The Bridge of Spies
October 15th.   The Danish Girl
All programmes start at 7.15 for &.30.  Refreshments and snacks are available.  If you wish to bring your own bottle of plonk glasses are available.

Published: 04/03/2016

Published: 03/03/2016

We have been advised of a quantity of property that has been recovered by the police and may hve been stolen from properties or vehicles in the Wealden district to see the poloice flyer with details and photographs of items click this link:

Published: 03/03/2016


If so you could be the ideal candidate to become a Parish Councillor.  We have a vacancy on the Parish Council and would welcome enquiries from anyone interested in this role. 
Please contact the Clerk, Helen on 01435 860959 for further details, or alternatively one of the present Councillors (contact details in the Parish Magazine and in the Parish Council section of the website). 
Parish Council Clerk

Published: 22/02/2016

To comment on the ESCC library opening hours consultation please visit 
www.eastsussex.gov.uk/haveyoursay the consultation is open until 3rd April 2016
Parish Council Clerk

Published: 27/01/2016

A mean theft that took place on Wednesday outside the Village Hall.  The "TN22 PLUS Club” had a juggler visititing to entertain and at the end of the session he was loading his van which was parked right adjacent to the side fire exit doors. He was in and out several times to load up. He also had his van passenger door open. His wallet was stolen from the passenger open glove compartment. Very sadly for him it had a significant amount of cash in there (£300). He thinks a car sped past about that time, coming from the direction of the Walkers/Mines houses. Another volunteer saw someone walk past at that time too. The incident has been reported to the police by Jimmy ( the juggler) but it was a real wake up call as to the vulnerability of even a sleepy dead end lane like Hall/Hut Lane.  Anyone who has any information that may help or saw anything suspicious should ring the police on 101.  It may also be helpful to contact Wendy Coleman on  07961 450357 or Janet Tourell  on 01825 830478 who can contact the victim who will have a Police Incident Number.

Published: 23/01/2016

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26/05/2016 10:30 Hort Soc Car Outing - Brightling Down Farm
26/05/2016 19:30 Recurring Event: until 08/12/2016 (total 40 events) Dog Training Classes
30/05/2016 17:30 Recurring Event: until 26/12/2016 (total 43 events) Tap Dancing Classes
31/05/2016 09:45 Recurring Event: until 28/02/2017 (total 52 events) Pilate Session
01/06/2016 10:30 Recurring Event: until 14/12/2016 (total 21 events) TN22 Club
02/06/2016 19:30 Recurring Event: until 08/12/2016 (total 40 events) Dog Training Classes
04/06/2016 11:00 Recurring Event: until 05/06/2016 (total 2 events) Tinkers Park Steam Rally
05/06/2016 11:00 Recurring Event: until 05/06/2016 (total 2 events) Tinkers Park Steam Rally

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