In August the Book Club always takes a break and members read their own choice of book and bring back recommendations to the group. We certainly had a diverse and interesting selection and I for one can’t wait to start reading some of them.

To start with some vintage World War novels, ‘Death of a Hero’ (1929) was written by Richard Aldington and based on his own first-hand experience of World War 1. It is sometimes considered the greatest of all novels about that War and makes a scalding critique of those pre-war voices that helped to make that global catastrophe inevitable. It is that very anger that made this a fascinating read. Nigel Balchin was a psychologist, a writer and deputy scientific adviser to the Army Council. Like Aldington he writes from first-hand knowledge in ‘Darkness Falls from the Air’ (1942) a vivid account of living through the blitz and ‘Small Back Room’ (1943) a story of the backroom boys. Of their time, they are readable, informative and vivid. Continue reading “SUMMER BOOK CLUB  REVIEW”

Race Night Postponed

“Race Night” in aid of Engage TN22 Clubs has been postponed.

The new date for your diaries is Saturday 27th January 2024.

Thank you so much to everyone that has supported the event to date.

If you would like to book tickets and or get involved by sponsoring a race or by buying some horses, please contact
Peter on 01825 830009


Hadlow Down Book Club Review – August ’23

Life doesn’t have a narrator – it’s full of lies and half-truths – so we never know anything for sure, not really. I like that” The Temptation of Forgiveness Donna Leon (2018).

We decided to read something lighter this month, and chose Trace Elements (2020), by Donna Leon. No doubt some of you will be familiar with her long-running series, set in Venice and featuring the Commissario (Detective Superintendent) Guido Brunetti, his wife Paola and his team in the Questura (police headquarters). Continue reading “Hadlow Down Book Club Review – August ’23”

Hadlow Down Drama and Variety Club Programme

Hadlow Down Drama and Variety Club Programme
17thJuly- An evening led by a professional Storyteller, who will model how to tell oral stories and then give us an opportunity to work in groups on our own. (7.30pm at Hadlow Down Village Hall)
August- Holiday break
18thSeptember- We are now members of NODA (National Opera and Drama Association) and we will be enjoying an evening of play reading together using their free scripts (7.30pm at Hadlow Down Village Hall)
16thOctober- A fun evening with wine and a drama quiz- be prepared to have a giggle (7.30pm at Hadlow Down Village Hall)
9thNovember- A trip to the Assembly Halls to see Sing-a-long-a- Gareth Malone 2 – £27 reduced group rate (contact Ellis on to book a ticket)
11thDecember- A Get Together for a Christmas meal at The Hare and Hounds, Framfield

Hadlow Down Book Club Review – July

This month we have been reading The Dance Tree by Kiran Millwood Hargrave (2022). Recommended by BBC2’s ‘Between the Covers’, we found it to somewhat of a ‘Marmite’ book.
It is set during the real-life dancing mania of 1518 in Strasbourg when hundreds of women joined in a dance, without stopping despite hunger and bleeding feet,  part of a mania that occurred in Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries. It is narrated through the eyes of Lisbet, a farmer’s wife heavily with her thirteenth child, having lost the previous twelve. The whole region is suffering from famine due to the drought and the blistering hot summer. It is also suffering from the oppression of a tyrannical Authority controlled by a corrupt and powerful Church. Lisbet is in a loveless marriage and desperate to bear this baby successfully. She is a lonely figure  surrounded by mysteries – what sin was her sister-in-law Agnethe guilty of that she was sent away to a monastery for seven years and has now returned emaciated and with a scarred shaven head? Why is Ida, Lisbet’s best friend behaving so oddly?  Why is Sophe  her mother-in-law so grim? Continue reading “Hadlow Down Book Club Review – July”

Noble, Peter (29th. September 1939 – 23rd May 2023)

Peter was born and raised in Tooting, South London and had a long and successful career as a bank manager before moving to Hadlow Down after taking early retirement, later moving to Buxted.
Along with others residing in the village he was a founder member of the Sussex Egyptology Society being a keen Egyptologist he visited Egypt on archaeological trips fourteen times. Continue reading “Noble, Peter (29th. September 1939 – 23rd May 2023)”

Peter Noble 29th. Sept 1939 – 23rd. May 2023

It is with sadness we have to report the passing of Peter Noble.
Peter who was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease died peacefully in Horsham on Tuesday 23rd. May after his health had deteriorated.
He will be remembered fondly as a long time member of the Horticultural Society being a committee member and treasurer and in later years joined the TN22 Club.
His funeral is taking place on 16th June, at Wealden Crematorium, Horam, at 12 o’clock.