Michael Lunn

Chairman, Police and Neighbourhood Watch, Community Projects.
Elected 2023
07894 062727

Peter Weston

Vice-Chairman, Highways, Rights of Way, Strengthening Local Relationships Meetings, Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign.
Elected 2023
07891 600609

Ben Floyd
Playing Field, Planning Applications, Parish Panel Meetings.
Elected 2023

David Munday

Planning Applications, Parish Panel Meetings, Emergency Co-ordination Plan.
Elected 2023
07391 052808

Damon Wellman
Highways, Strengthening Local Relationship Meetings, Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign, Burial Ground, Tree Warden, Village Hall Committee Representative, Community Centre Representative.
Elected 2023
07774 619132

Stephen Lester
Portfolio to be confirmed…
Co-opted December 2023

Alan Hobbs
Portfolio to be confirmed…
Co-opted December 2023

Vicki Rutt
Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer
01825 760103

Register of Members Interests