A New Way of Reporting Crime

Police Forces across England & Wales are using a new system called Single Online Home (SOH). This is a policing portal which allows the public to easily report crimes, incidents and information online.

The police non-emergency phone number 101 remains available if personal contact is required. However, using SOH significantly reduces wait times for those reporting crimes or incidents, or if you simply wish to provide some information to the police. Reporting online via SOH is easy and effective. It has been positively endorsed by a number of Neighbourhood Watch members who have had the opportunity to use it.

The new portal can be found on the home page of the recently updated Sussex Police website www.sussex.police.uk. In addition to the Report area, here you will find a new box “Tell us about …”. There is a drop down from which you can select, for example, “Something you’ve seen or heard”.

We have given you this information as we know that some people are rightly cautious about clicking on links in E-mails. However, there are some shortcut links available as below, which we have tested for you.

If reporting a crime or incident which has occurred in Sussex, SOH is available directly viahttps://sussex.police.uk/contact-us/report-online/. You can scroll further down that page to see other options.

If reporting a crime or incident which has occurred outside of Sussex, SOH is available viahttps://report.police.uk.

If it’s something that you’ve seen or heard the link ishttps://www.sussex.police.uk/tua/tell-us-about/soh/something-youve-seen-or-heard/.

SOH should not be used for an emergency – dialling 999 remains the means of contact if there is danger to a person or if a crime is being committed.

All reports submitted via SOH will receive an immediate acknowledgement message. Reports are reviewed in live time, and within 48 hours Sussex Police will provide a personal response from a named staff member.

July Hadlow Down Book Club Review

‘English humour turns on transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary’ , James Thurber 

Listening to the World Service in the small hours of an insomniac night, I suddenly jolted wide awake as I heard the voice of the author of one of our favourite Book Club reads – Clare Chambers talking about Small Pleasures. She was saying that she extensively read fifties novels in order to capture the dialogue and atmosphere of the time. Her favourite was Excellent Women (1952) by Barbara Pym, so we decided to read it ourselves.   Continue reading “July Hadlow Down Book Club Review”

Horticultural Show

Time to start lining up & preparing all the Fruit, Veg & Flowers you intend to show and getting your entry forms in.

Wilderness Lane – Road Closure

A temporary road closure will take place between the junction of Chapel Lane and junction of Main Road in Wilderness Lane on the 25th. & 26th. June.
This is to allow BT to undertake apparatus repair work.

Hadlow Down Book Club Review

The House of Doors (2023),

A story like a bird of the mountains can carry a name beyond  the clouds, beyond even time itself’.

Some years ago the Book Club read The Garden of Evening Mist (2021) by Tan Twan Eng. It was that rare thing – a book that we all loved both for the lyrical language and the narrative that unfolds. So it was with enthusiasm that we chose The House of Doors (2023), long listed for the Booker Prize. Continue reading “Hadlow Down Book Club Review”