A New Way of Reporting Crime

Police Forces across England & Wales are using a new system called Single Online Home (SOH). This is a policing portal which allows the public to easily report crimes, incidents and information online.

The police non-emergency phone number 101 remains available if personal contact is required. However, using SOH significantly reduces wait times for those reporting crimes or incidents, or if you simply wish to provide some information to the police. Reporting online via SOH is easy and effective. It has been positively endorsed by a number of Neighbourhood Watch members who have had the opportunity to use it.

The new portal can be found on the home page of the recently updated Sussex Police website www.sussex.police.uk. In addition to the Report area, here you will find a new box “Tell us about …”. There is a drop down from which you can select, for example, “Something you’ve seen or heard”.

We have given you this information as we know that some people are rightly cautious about clicking on links in E-mails. However, there are some shortcut links available as below, which we have tested for you.

If reporting a crime or incident which has occurred in Sussex, SOH is available directly viahttps://sussex.police.uk/contact-us/report-online/. You can scroll further down that page to see other options.

If reporting a crime or incident which has occurred outside of Sussex, SOH is available viahttps://report.police.uk.

If it’s something that you’ve seen or heard the link ishttps://www.sussex.police.uk/tua/tell-us-about/soh/something-youve-seen-or-heard/.

SOH should not be used for an emergency – dialling 999 remains the means of contact if there is danger to a person or if a crime is being committed.

All reports submitted via SOH will receive an immediate acknowledgement message. Reports are reviewed in live time, and within 48 hours Sussex Police will provide a personal response from a named staff member.

No Trick or Treat

Trick or Treating may be fun for some, but it’s not for everyone.
Older people can find it quite scary enough just having to answer a door knock or bell ring on a dark evening others can find it quite embarrassing when nothing is at hand to give to give to disappointed children and have to say no.
If you would prefer not have anyone call on you instead of sitting with the lights out on Halloween night, hoping no one will knock, why not put a sign out on your door.
You can download an A4 poster by clicking in the picture.


Village Bonfire and Fireworks

The village Bonfire and Fireworks Celebration wil take place on Saturday 6th. November

Huge bonfire, massive firework display, bar, food, toffee apples…
Torchlit procession from the New Inn to the Playing Field site at 7.30 pm.

Complex Canine Puppy School & Youth Club

My Complex Canine – Puppy School
Friday afternoon/evening (Hadlow Down Village hall)
16.00 to 19.30
Puppy School is a nationwide puppy socialisation and training scheme founded by internationally renowned trainer and behaviour expert Gwen Bailey. Puppy School is designed to help you to teach your puppy valuable socialisation and life skills, whilst building a lifelong partnership through positive, reward-based training methods
The course covers basic positions (sit, down, stand, stay), lead walking, recall, settling calmly, confidence around real life experiences (vets & groomers), greeting people without jumping and much more.
If you are looking to give your puppy the best start in life, your trainer Sarah offers a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment for you to learn in, so you can build confidence with your training skills too!
‘Read more’ for puppy Youth Club
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Help Please !

St Mark’s Churchyard needs a tidy up!

Now that the wild flowers have died back and seeds dispersed, the grass has been strimmed ready to be raked up.

There is also a good deal of debris to clear from other areas and we need some help ! Could you spare an hour or two?

We are aiming to do this on Saturday, 30th October, meeting at 9.30 am in the churchyard.

Anyone who can assist please bring a rake, gloves and clippers.

Contact Janet Tourell for further information: 01825 830478
Thank you!

The Christmas Market is back !

We are delighted to announce The Christmas Market is back ! Do join us if you can in the Village Hall on Saturday 27th November between 10 am and 1.30 pm.

Tea Coffee and cakes will be served all morning.

Stalls will include Cards, Gifts, Clothes, Jewellery, Preserves, Locally Produced Meat and Bric-a Brac

Street Safe Tool

Have you seen the new StreetSafe tool? It’s an online tool where you can tell us anonymously about locations in your neighbourhood that make you feel or have made you feel unsafe. This could be due to environmental issues such as street lighting, abandoned buildings or vandalism or because of behaviours you’ve experienced that could include being followed or verbally abused.
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The Garden – Ken Mine’s Column for November

One of the few constants in an ever-changing climate is the autumn of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Well, mists anyway – often spectacular from our garden looking towards Crowborough in the early morning when it lies in a thick blanket in the valley, the tops of trees poking through here and there. Fruitfulness for us is not traditional – we don’t have room for pumpkins and although fascinatingly colourful we can’t make room for inedible gourds. Instead, we take advantage of the protection afforded by the greenhouse and polytunnel to keep us supplied throughout the coming months with salads. Cut and come again’ varieties include rocket, mizuna and several types of mixed leaves. American land cress can be sown as late as September and is very hardy: even surviving  outdoors.
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Monthly Quiz Night at the New Inn


Did you know that there is a monthy quiz night held at The New Inn on the first Tuesday of every month?  To enter you will need a team of four and a team name. All are welcome, Entry fee is £5

The next quiz will be held on Tuesday 2nd November. We hope to see you there !