A Message From a Prospective Parish Councillor

My name is Peter Weston. I decided to stand for election to Hadlow Down Parish Council after reading an article in the Parish Magazine that said the Parish Council was in danger of folding because too few local residents might put their names forward for election. As a firm believer in local democracy I do not want the Council to disappear so I decided that it is about time I became more involved with, and put something back into, the community in which I have lived for almost 32 years, particularly in relation to improving access (i.e. communications, utilites and public transport) and the environment. A little about me: I moved to Hadlow Down just before the ‘great storm’ in 1987, with my wife, Sue, and two daughters (who attended St Marks). I worked for East Sussex County Council from 1987 to 2005, ending my career there as Assistant Director for Pupils and Families. I then worked as Director for Children and Learners for the South East Region, taking a lead role across all nine regions of England for safeguarding children and young people. Then followed a period of consultancy work before I finally retired a few years ago. Since then my time has been taken up with a wide range of ‘hobbies’ and activities, including child care for our grandchildren (now five in number), work as a Governor and Trustee for Grove Park Special School and Beacon Academy respectively, and some voluntary work (e.g. for Art Sculpture UK). I hope that you will support me in the forthcoming election – I am happy to answer any of your questions – please email me peterw01825@outlook.com
Peter Weston