Wings to Fly

Help for local young people with mental health and well-being problems
Wings to Fly are very pleased to announce that our application for a grant has been successful and we have received £4,115 from the Sussex Community Foundation. This will enable us to support St Mark’s CEP School and the local community with mental health and wellbeing issues during this Covid-19 outbreak. Families who feel they could benefit from this opportunity are invited to contact the School’s office in the first instance on 01825 830375.
The Trustees
Wings to Fly
Reg Charity No:118309
The support of regular donations allows us to demonstrate a strong commitment from the school community. If you are a ble to make a regular (or one off) donation you can do so directly through our donations page or via our page on the school website.

Hadlow Down Village Small Businesses

The effect of the economic fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic on small businesses in our community has created hardship in many cases.
As all users of the Hadlow Down Facebook Group pages are aware in order to protect the pages from being swamped by business advertising to the detriment of general social interaction admin does not allow any advertising but, as the Facebook page was set up as a service to the whole community including those having small businesses based in the village, it is felt that in these extremely unusual and hard times it would be appropriate to do something to help without compromising the group policy on advertising.
As from immediately the group Admin will offer any small business, sole trader etc. actually based in Hadlow Down village (those who have a Hadlow Down landline number or other proof) a ‘Showcase’ post on the village Facebook page once every month.
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Drones over Village Properties

The Parish Council were recently made aware that sightings and reports of a drone flying over properties in the village were causing concern to some residents.  The PC has looked into the legislation surrounding drones and have issued the following message:


There have been a couple of incidents recently of a drone being flown around the centre of the village which is causing residents concern about both privacy and intent.  If you are the owner of that or any other drone, please be aware of the Civil Aviation Air Navigation Act which governs the use of drones and follow these guidelines:

  • Do not to fly your drone over a congested area, and,
  • Never fly the drone within 50 metres of a person, vehicle or building not under your control or ownership.

Village Volunteers News Flyer 17-4-20

The following flyer from the Village Volunteers will be delivered to households in the parish within the next few days;

Is there something you need during these difficult times? We have over 50 Hadlow Down volunteers who are happy to help if they can …. even if it’s only for a friendly chat.
Rachel Lewis 830494 co-ordinator
Vicky Richards/Tracey Boorman 830256/830816 shopping
Janet Tourell 830478 medicines, mail etc
Eddie Westfield 830661 information
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WDC Food Providers Register

Wealden District Environmental Health Team has drawn up a register of food businesses continuing to provide takeaway and delivery services in Wealden and Rother.  It includes contact details and food hygiene ratings.
Hadlow Down Online has edited the document to show only those locations within a reasonable distance from Hadlow Down.
C;ick here to see document
Wealden Food Directory
The full list document can be found in the Wealden District Council web site

The Mayfield Trust – Hardship Grants

The Mayfield Trust exists specifically to give grants of money to individuals or families, resident in Mayfield, Five Ashes or Hadlow Down, who find themselves facing financial difficulty. This may be particularly relevant right now as the Covid-19 pandemic impacts on all our lives. If you think you might qualify for a grant from the trust because you are unable to work and / or are incurring extra expenses at the moment either due to Covid-19 or to any other reason, or if you know of someone else in the village in a this situation, do please contact Penny on 830006.

TV License Phishing Scam

Phishing scams seem to be coming thick and fast lately!
These nasty people are probably trying to take advantage of preoccupation with other concerns?
This is the latest to be notified to us and received by someone in the village, it is asking for a new Direct Debit to be set up for TV License renewal. Apart from inaccuracies such as dates etc. note the email address from who/where it was sent!
Never click on links if you are unsure!

Door-to-door Virus Check Scams

Village Volunteers have received information that door to door fraudsters have been operating in West Sussex offering Covid-19 Virus checks that are fake. It is almost inevitable that even if these particular fraudsters don’t target future victims in East Sussex and our local area someone else is liable to.
These are always going to be fake offers and anyone receiving callers at their doors offering virus checks should immediately contact the police.
There are a multitude of other scams regarding the virus that have been reported please watch out for details of them on national and local news stations
Please do not become a fraud statistic by falling for fake calls, emails or any other type of contact regarding the corona virus.