Hadlow Down Book Club Review

We had our usual summer holiday free choice of books in August and an interesting and diverse number to discuss ranging from 18th century to July 2022 and encompassing Africa, Venice and indeed the entire planet.

A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland Samuel Johnson (1775), a weighty account of his eighty day journey through the Highlands and Islands, full of witty insights and powerful moral judgements. He is more interested in the social conditions with Enclosures just beginning but shows an 18th century lack of interest in the scenery.

Donna Leon’s novels set in Venice featuring the likeable Commissario Brunetti. If you haven’t read these novels you are in for a treat with well-rounded interesting characters, good plots and of course descriptions of wonderful food against the Venetian backdrop. If you want to read them in order start with Death at La Fenice (1992) but the novels get better as the characters develop. Continue reading “Hadlow Down Book Club Review”

ST MARK’S CHURCH NEWS – September 2022

Inside the Church circa 2013

Soon we will be celebrating Harvest in the Buxted and Hadlow Down parish. This year St Mark’s Church is celebrating first, on the weekend of 25th September; St Mark’s School will be having their Harvest assembly on Friday 23rd.
On Sunday 25th, a Harvest parish communion service in the church is at 9.00 am and then the Harvest lunch will be at 12.30 in the school hall. Tickets for the lunch are £12 for adults and £6 for children. If you would like to join us, please phone me, Janet Tourell, on 01825 830478. An early call would be appreciated because there are a limited number of tickets available.
The following weekend the other churches in the parish are celebrating their harvests – St Margaret’s is also hosting a supper in St Mary’s Church Hall on the Friday night (30th Sept) and there will be a concert in St Margaret’s church on the afternoon of Sunday, 2nd October.
Recently we, at St Mark’s, have been giving quite a lot of thought about how to make our church spaces more flexible. Using a huge space only once a week on Sundays seems a bit silly when it could be utilised for other activities as well. Prior to the lockdowns there was a Cub/Scout group using the nave every Monday evening, but lack of numbers has meant that this has stopped now. So, we are looking for replacements.
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Til Tomorrow Theatre Company Is presenting a double performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Wilderness Wood on Monday 29th. August at 3.00 pm  &  6.00 pm

Set amongst the colliding worlds of the 1980’s, the City and the Fairy Kingdom find a way to co-exist in the eclectic jungle of Theseus’ nightclub. Go on a journey of self discovery, mayhem and deception!

Til Tomorrow Theatre Company is an international collective of fourteen players coming from nine different countries. Using our native accents, our vibrant ensemble brings a diverse multilingual perspective to Shakespeare’s classic. With our wealth of creativity, we have double cast our production: in one day, you can experience two shows that will be completely different and unique over and over again.

Tickets available at the door or book online here.
£10 / £8 concession (including members of Wilderness Wood)
£35 family ticket / £30 members family ticket
Pizza from Cashew Catering and refreshments will be available from 10am to 6pm.
Instagram: @tiltomorrowtheatre