News from St. Mark’s.


Well, the long awaited day arrived on Friday 25th September, when our new Rector, the Rev. Pete Molloy, and his family arrived in Buxted.  They were so pleased with all the preparations that had been done for them in the Rectory, making it as comfortable as possible until their own furniture and possessions arrive from Canada.  They then had to quarantine for 2 weeks, because of the pandemic, but were finally free to explore their new surroundings on Friday 9th October.  We hope that their ministry with us will be happy and fruitful.
When you read this, the Bishop of Chichester will have installed Rev. Pete, and the Archdeacon of Hastings will have inducted him into the Parish on Tuesday 20th October, during a service at St. Margaret’s church, which will be attended by people from the 3 churches, and an augmented choir, although numbers will be limited, because of the restrictions.
Those of us who attended the Annual Meeting of Parishioners on Wednesday 14th October had a chance to meet Pete; but it was so strange not to be allowed to shake hands with him.  The smiles behind our masks had to suffice!
At St. Mark’s we continue to stringently follow the ‘Hands, face, space’ rules, and record the attendees at services, for the Track and Trace rules.  We had a wonderful Harvest service, with the church so beautifully decorated by our faithful team of flower ladies.  In addition, excellent work by the children of St. Mark’s School, was well arranged on display boards around the church; altogether the church looked really ‘Harvesty’.
The following morning the gifts of fruit, vegetables and other produce were taken away to the Foodbank, a residential home, and to some of the villagers of Hadlow Down, who were very touched and pleased to have been remembered.
Until Rev. Pete is inducted, our willing band of retired priests are continuing to take the services, and we do so thank them for their help, ministry and teaching.
One reminder:- Wednesday, 11th November will be observed in St Marks Churchyard at 11.00am. A maroon will be exploded and this will be followed by a two minute silence. Please feel free to join us in socially distanced groups, wearing your masks if you wish.
Valerie Banks and Janet Tourell