Suspicious Van Activity in the Village

Neighbourhood Watch Alert!
A resident has reported a series of suspicious looking vehicles entering and leaving his drive in the Wilderness Lane / Riverside area of the village recently.
The most recent being yesterday, Wednesday 6th. June at 2.10 pm a white Vauxhall larger type van Reg. No. KT17LXC driver wearing a Hi-Vis orange jacket. Could possibly be a courier/delivery person who had lost his way but was considered suspicious?
And today the 7th. June a smaller white Vauxhall Combi van Reg. No. DV53HKC. The driver had a beard and was in mid 30s, the passenger estimated at mid 20s both acting extremely suspiciously and described as ‘scruffy’.
Please be especially alert over the coming days and weeks as these people may be reconnoitring houses and outbuildings prior to break-ins.

We understand that it is becoming increasingly difficult to advise police on the 101 number, if you have problems please let the Village Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator know by email or by telephone 01825 830661.
If you are the driver or owner of either of the above two vehicles and your reason for being in the area was legitimate please let us know and we will publish an update.
Since the introduction of GDPR we cannot email this message to the full list of Neighbourhood Watch Members that was used before the introduction of the new legislation.  If you are reading this and would have expected to get a quicker alert by email it is because we have no record of you asking to continue receiving alerts etc. If you wish to resume receiving them please let us know by using the email address above