Horticultural Society AGM

Due to differing lifestyle reasons social activity within communities is constantly changing. The internet and social media have had significant influence on pastimes and use of leisure time over the last twenty years with shared ideas, discussion, debate and activity taking place from a home environment rather than a hub of collective interest in an exterior venue at regular daily, weekly, monthly or other intervals. These social habit changes can affect smaller rural communities more than others and collective interests are more likely to be of subjects that are inherently part of daily life.
One common entity in most homes in a village like Hadlow Down is a garden.
Our village gardens vary enormously, some being spread over several acres others just the size of an average living room. They are used in many ways including aesthetic, functional, and recreational reasons.   Whatever the preferred usage of the garden somewhere in it will almost certainly be some flowers and perhaps shrubs and trees the beauty of which give great pleasure, also sometimes the reward of home grown vegetables. There is often a passion to share the attraction and experience of what is created in one’s own garden with others.
Hadlow Down Horticultural Society is a lively group that has been flourishing for almost thirty years. There are around 60 members who enjoy sharing knowledge and seeing other gardens.  Two evenings a year they have a supper followed by a talk from a visiting lecturer. they often have car outings to interesting gardens in easy reach of Hadlow Down.   In Spring there is usually a ‘Bring and Buy’ plant sale and the highlight of the year is the annual Flower Show in August.
Membership entitles discounts at several local nurseries.
The Horticultural Society Annual General Meeting
will take place on:

10 a.m. for   10.30
(Coffee will be available)

All villagers are welcome – come along, have a coffee, perhaps make new friends and find out more about the gardens of Hadlow Down.
More information can be found on the village web page:
or you may like to be part of the Hadlow Down Gardening Facebook Club::