Hadlow Down Gardening Club Facebook Group

A village Gardening Club was first suggested in our Parish Magazine some time ago but the poor response did not merit any work in taking the idea further. There would seem to have been an increase in interest in village gardens and gardening recently perhaps partially due to people spending more time at home due to Covid.
A Hadlow Down Gardening Club has now been created as a Facebook Group just for villagers and village friends who love gardening.
The Group is not officially associated with our excellent Hadlow Down Horticultural Society but can perhaps be used as a supplementary platform where anyone interested in gardening can join and exchange ideas, news, photographs, points of view, information or even plants, seeds or garden accessories at any time of the year without waiting for meetings or events to occur.
It is also hoped that enough people are interested we may be able to negotiate exclusive discounts and benefits from plant, seed & accessory providers for group members
There are of course no fees or paid membership involved just an interest in gardening!
Click on this link to go to the group’s page: