Speeding in Hadlow Down

Following extensive research by the Parish Council into the possibility of traffic calming measures in the village the Parish Council have issued the following document in order that villagers are aware of the constraints that currently affect Hadlow Down.

September 2018

Speeding in Hadlow Down

Crash Record

Crashes are recorded by East Sussex Police and are included on the East Sussex County Council

(ESCC) website (http://dashboard.sussexsrp.org.uk/collisions/map/). The only crashes reported are ones where an injury has occurred AND the police have been called. As of September 2018, the following crashes have been recorded on the A272 in the last three years:

– The Toll 1 Serious

– Five Chimneys Oast 1 Serious

– Five Chimneys Lane 1 Serious

– Curtains Hill 1 Slight

– Tinkers Lane 1 Slight

– Between Tinkers & Dog Kennel Lane 2 Slight

– Pippins Nursery 1 Slight

– Junction of A272/267 3 Serious & 6 Slight

Therefore, there have been no recorded crashes within the 30-40 mile an hour zone in Hadlow Down.

Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS)

ESCC do not have a scoring system for VAS. However, the working practice for VAS reserves their use to locations that will have a real benefit in terms of casualty reduction. For a VAS to be

considered (with the Parish Council co-funding or even funding it 100%), there would have to be at least 1 speed related injury crash in the most recent 3 year period. At this moment, Hadlow Down does not meet the criteria.

Speed Cameras

To fit a speed camera, there is a scoring system in place which is:

– Fatal 15 points

– Serious 10 points

– Slight 5 points

In order to fit a permanent fixed camera, there would be a requirement of 65 points per km (Hadlow Down has zero) and to fit a mobile speed camera, there would be a requirement of 33 points per km

(Hadlow Down has zero). At this moment, Hadlow Down does not meet the criteria.

What can be done?

1. Ensure that any accident that happens is reported to the police and that they note the injuries caused.

2. If a volunteer group wishes to get together and someone volunteers to act as the coordinator, the Parish Council will support the group and put the group in contact with the people who train to operate a SID (Speed Indicator Device).

3. If you wish to change the criteria or have any questions on the above, then they should be referred to East Sussex County Council and/or East Sussex Police (as they are responsible for speeding cars) and not the Parish Council as we have no jurisdiction in this matter.

The above statement will be reviewed annually by the Parish Council taking into account any further crashes/issues/updates relating to speeding.