Chris and Anne Yarrow have created a 125 square metre natural swimming pond in their garden at Huggetts Furnace Mill, Stonehurst Lane. They are opening it up for Hadlow Down residents in return for a small contribution to their daughter’s charity Doctors for Nepal. Free soft drinks if you walk or cycle from home.

The pond is about 20m long and about 1.2 metres /4 ft. deep (max.1.4 m. /4ft 8”). It is kept pure by circulating the water through gravel beds and by pond plants, so you won’t go home smelling of chlorine! Heated by solar panels, it usually has a temperature of about 21C to 25C(70F to 77F).

Rules: Use by prior arrangement only; all children to be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times; no dogs; civilised behaviour requested, and we reserve the right to ask visitors to leave.

Available for use between 10am and 6pm from 26th July until mid August To arrange a swim and get location instructions, please phone Chris and Anne on 01825 831972, or email