Book Club

The book club started about 15 years ago with just 3 members and our first novel was ‘the Girl With a Pearl Earring’. Since then we have grown into a small but enthusiastic group of committed readers. We meet monthly in different members houses for book discussion and a bit of gossip over a glass of wine. Books are chosen democratically: someone suggests a book which we may vote on. We aim to read widely — modern literary books, some classics and, occasionally, a thriller or a biography. We want to enjoy our reading but sometimes to challenge ourselves and read something we may otherwise not have thought of.

The atmosphere is relaxed. Members have different reading backgrounds but there is no pressure. We want to learn from one another in an informal way where everyone’s opinion is valued even if someone found a book unreadable.


Activity Address  Various Members Homes
Name of Contact Heather Mines
Telephone 01825 830314
Email Addresses