Scam Warning: Phone message threatens HMRC lawsuit

HMRC has sent an alert about a scam which targets taxpayers and seems to be aimed at the elderly in particular.
There is currently a telephone scam where a recorded message is left, allegedly from HMRC, stating that HMRC are bringing a lawsuit against the individual and is going to sue them. The recipient is asked to phone 0161 8508494 and press “1” to speak to the officer dealing with the case. This scam is becoming widely reported and seems to be targeting older people. Please do not reply to the message.
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Hadlow Down Neighbourhood Watch

 Hadlow Down Village Web Site is the registered Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for the whole of Hadlow Down.  The web site distributes any relevant alerts, warnings, bulletins and advice from from NHW Control, Community Policing, Sussex Police, Trading Standards, Floodwatch and other agencies via e-mail, the village Facebook Group pages as well as here on the village web site ‘News’ and ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ features.  It also distributes information regarding actual crime and suspected criminal activity received from village residents to the rest of the community.  Information from members can also passed onward to the relevant authorities.

Since the introduction of GDPR legislation Neighbourhood Watch can no longer use the database consisting of the original subscribers to the old village web site and other lists, so all who wish to receive alerts etc. need to let us know that they wish to by using the contact means below.

If you have information you believe should be notified or shared please also use any of the contact means below.
If you have neighbours who cannot receive emails but wish to be part of Neighbourhood Watch please advise us – we will find a way of letting them know of alerts and emergencies.

Activity Address  Hadlow Down Village Web Site, Village Facebook Groups and e-mails
Contact Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator
Telephone 01825 830661