Important Changes in Planning Application Notification

From Wealden District Council:
Update on how we notify on Planning Applications
Following a six week public Consultation, the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) was adopted on 22nd July 2020.
The SCI sets out what consultation will take place when we are developing and reviewing our planning documents and determining planning applications. It also provides information as to how the Council will work with our partners and communities to facilitate proposals for neighbourhood plans or orders.
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Maroon Alert

Maroons will be fired from St. Mark’s church at 11am on Wednesday 11th November to mark Remembrance Day.   Please make sure all pets in the vicinity are kept calm.

Police Warn of Courier Fraud Rise in Sussex

Police are warning residents to be wary of unsolicited phone calls after seeing a rise in reports of courier fraud across Sussex.
Courier fraud is where fraudsters call victims pretending to be from police, a bank, or another trusted organisation and request money or information. Typically, the caller persuades the victim to withdraw a sum of money or disclose personal details such as a PIN number. A courier is then sent to collect it. Continue reading “Police Warn of Courier Fraud Rise in Sussex”

Hadlow Down and Coronavirus

As yet, it’s unclear to what extent Coronavirus will affect our community.  Some of us may catch it, others not.  For some, the effects are said to be similar to seasonal flu, however the effects of this virus might be greater to those of us who are elderly or have underlying health issues.
We must all be mindful of NHS advice and the recommendation to self-isolate if we show these symptoms or have been in contact with someone who shows symptoms (see the NHS link below).

We are fortunate in that Hadlow Down is a supportive community and as a village many of us tend to know our neighbours even if they are several fields away.  During this time, especially as people start to self-isolate, it is important that as neighbours we maintain phone contact.  If you know of a neighbour who lives alone or neighbours who have little support in the local area, please take the time to make contact and to offer your support making sure that you are mindful of NHS guidance regarding visiting those that are vulnerable.If you need help or you can help then the following are happy to receive a call and to co-ordinate activities:-

Eddie Westfield           01825 830661
Rachel Lewis                 07714 006834
Vicky Richards             01825 830256
Janet Tourell                01825 830478

Eddie Westfield can also be contacted on

This is joint communication on behalf of the Community, Neighbourhood Watch, St Mark’s Church and the Parish Council.  Please keep an eye on this web page as the list co-ordinators maybe updated.

Additional information about Coronavirus can be found on the website link below:- “”&HYPERLINK “”order=relevance

Reporting anti-social behaviour

It has been brought to the Parish Council’s attention that large groups of people have been playing football on the playing field, despite being politely requested not to do so,  and causing disturbances late into the night.  These individuals are from out of the area.

If you find yourself impacted by behaviour such as this please go to the Sussex Police website and select from the “Tell us about” tab at the top of the page or paste the following link into your web browser:

New Team Launched To Tackle Countryside Crime In Sussex

Sussex Police has launched a new rural crime team, whose overall aim is to crack down on unlawful behaviour in isolated communities.

This team, launched on Monday (June 1), has been made possible with the precept increase, as acquired by Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Katy Bourne at the start of this financial year. The new funding will allow for more enforcement and greater local policing presence, part of which is rural crime.
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Drones over Village Properties

The Parish Council were recently made aware that sightings and reports of a drone flying over properties in the village were causing concern to some residents.  The PC has looked into the legislation surrounding drones and have issued the following message:


There have been a couple of incidents recently of a drone being flown around the centre of the village which is causing residents concern about both privacy and intent.  If you are the owner of that or any other drone, please be aware of the Civil Aviation Air Navigation Act which governs the use of drones and follow these guidelines:

  • Do not to fly your drone over a congested area, and,
  • Never fly the drone within 50 metres of a person, vehicle or building not under your control or ownership.

Village Volunteers News Flyer 17-4-20

The following flyer from the Village Volunteers will be delivered to households in the parish within the next few days;

Is there something you need during these difficult times? We have over 50 Hadlow Down volunteers who are happy to help if they can …. even if it’s only for a friendly chat.
Rachel Lewis 830494 co-ordinator
Vicky Richards/Tracey Boorman 830256/830816 shopping
Janet Tourell 830478 medicines, mail etc
Eddie Westfield 830661 information
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