Huge Re-Development at Five Chimneys Farm

The following article is from Uckfield News
Anyone who wishes to object to or support these plans has until the Friday 23/10 to comment at WD/2020/1605/MAJ:
Poultry sheds could be turned into homes and business units

Poultry sheds at Five Chimneys Farm, Hadlow Down, which could be converted to 21 business units and four homes, can be seen in this Google Earth image.

Plans have been submitted to partly demolish poultry sheds a Five Chimneys Farm, Hadlow Down, and convert them into 21 business units and four houses.
The application before Wealden Council also includes providing an extension to a farm road and parking spaces at the farm
A statement says the objective of the application is to provide an alternative use for the buildings as poultry farming has become uneconomic.

The site is just over two acres in size and is on the south side of the A272, to the east of Buxted.
On it are an L-shaped range of poultry sheds, two agricultural buildings and an agricultural dwelling.
The statement says the existing poultry buildings are of sound construction and capable of conversion without significant rebuilding, modification or extension.
It adds: “The building consists of 46 bays from end to end, and it is proposed to demolish a section of the building consisting of seven bays, midway along the north/south wing.”
This would allow the two parts of the building to be treated separately, in this case, with the northern range to be converted to business units and the southern range to be converted to four homes.
The 21 business units would be in a variety of sizes from 72 sq m to 200 sq m enabling businesses of various sizes from one-man operations to larger businesses to be accommodated.
The statement says: “This will contribute to the availability of business space within this part of the district, and make up for the employment accommodation that has been lost due to the use of permitted development rights for conversions of offices/light industrial/warehouse units to residential accommodation.”
The uses would range from offices and light industrial to storage or distribution.
The statement says: “It is felt that due to the relative isolation of the site from the nearest residential properties outside the application site, that these uses can be accommodated without resulting in any harm to the amenity of local residents.”
The end 15 bays of the poultry unit would be converted into four homes, with a bay removed between each of them
Each home would be formed with three bays within the structure.
The statement says only a small section of new road would be provided and this would have a permeable surface.
Soft landscaping
It says there would be an overall reduction in the amount of hard surfacing on the site because the existing hard surfacing around the proposed homes would be replaced with gardens with soft landscaping.
And it adds that demolition of parts of the building would further reduce the area of hard surfacing.
More details of the planning application, number WD/2020/1605/MAJ