Hadlow Down – Another seizure of spirits by the officers of the Inland Revenue

Article supplied by Peter Gornall
(Unfortunately no date)

A correspondent informs us that on Tuesday Mr R C Weller, supervisor of the Tunbridge Wells district and Mr W H Hubbert the officer of Uckfield visited the premises of Henry Delves, who occupies a small cottage at Hadlow Down and on making search found secreted in a cupboard, sundry jars and bottles containing about four and a half gallons of British brandy and gin.  Satisfied that this did not represent the whole stock kept by the man and suspecting that a quantity of another description was somewhere secreted they instituted a further and minute search of the outbuildings and in a kind of cattle pound their attention was attracted by the loose manner in which a large heap of litter was thrown together. This, after some exertion, was removed, and the perseverance of the officers was at length rewarded by discovering buried beneath the bottom of the heap a cask containing about two gallons of a very strong illicit spirit, commonly known as  :Crowborough Brandy” in an uncoloured state. After fully satisfying themselves nothing had been left behind whereas the interests of the revenue might be damaged the spirit was removed and subsequently conveyed by the supervisor to Tunbridge Wells.. We cannot refrain from remarking that it was but a few months since that these same officers visited Delves house and on that occasion seized a large quantity of spirits and for the offence then committed and he was fined and paid the penalty of £25.  When will such persons as these learn wisdom