The Mayfield Trust

(Mayfield Charity – Registered Charity No 212996)

What is The Mayfield Trust?

Mayfield Charity (informally known as the Mayfield Trust) is a Charity that provides short-term assistance to those most in need within the local community. Originally it provided help solely to poor and needy individuals/families of the Parish, but in recent years the scope of the Trust has been increased and we are now able, in some circumstances, to assist local organisations in their support of the community.

A brief history
The Mayfield Trust is a very long established body.  Its funds originate from money or property left in the wills of a number of benefactors, notably the Baker family, with the oldest being the Hugh Luck will trust of 1630. In the early 1900’s a number of these were brought together and incorporated into the Mayfield Charity, with a further four very small charities being added in the 1980’s.
Today all the Trust’s assets are held as cash, invested in approved charitable funds. Under the terms of the current Scheme, approved by the Charity Commissioners, the Trust is permitted to distribute any annual income arising from the capital invested but the capital itself cannot be touched.

How you can help the Trust
We look to the community for assistance in two ways.
Firstly, if you feel you would like to commemorate your life within the Parish, or connection to Mayfield and the surrounding area, what better way to do so than to leave a legacy to the Trust?  The needs we have to meet change over time – but they do not diminish or cease.
Secondly, we rely very much on information from you to help us identify those in need of assistance.

How the Trust can help you
Subject to availability of funds the Mayfield Trust is able to offer grants to individuals, and occasionally organisations, for a variety of purposes related to health, social, living, and educational needs.  This could include purchase of medical or mobility equipment, helping with a family emergency, the purchase of essential items for those in financial difficulties, or giving a grant to a local organisation to help them provide assistance or a specific service to the local community.
Whatever the background, all requests by individuals are treated in strict confidence.
There are some restrictions affecting grants, the main ones are:
a) the beneficiary must live within “the ancient parish of Mayfield”, which includes Mayfield, Five Ashes and part of Hadlow Down.
b) we cannot give grants for religious or political purposes.
c) grants are normally given on a one-off rather than an on-going basis.
Although we do not make detailed enquiries into financial circumstances, we do need to try to ensure that we direct our grants to those on a very limited budget and in most need.

How do I apply for a grant?
The Trustees meet four times a year, in March, June, September and December, to consider requests for financial assistance. Requests should be made by submitting a completed application form to the Clerk to the Trustees, to be received by the 20th of the preceding month.
A list of future meeting dates and deadlines for receipt of applications is maintained on the Mayfield Trust link on the Mayfield & Five Ashes village web site (
In exceptional circumstances only, the Trustees may be able to consider an application between meetings, under emergency procedures.

All St Mark’s Services Cancelled

Please be aware that all St. Mark’s Church Services within the Church and in the Churchyard have been cancelled until further notice. This includes the Christmas Eve Crib Service and the Christmas Morning Service.
Please inform anyone you know who doesn’t normally view the Village Web Site and is liable to turn up to those services that are all now cancelled.
The church will still be open for quiet private prayer.

Christmas at Wilderness Wood

We are delighted that Sussex Coffee Trucks will be joining us: 3rd to 6th December and 10th to 13th December, serving artisan coffee, hot chocolate and treats! Weekends are looking very busy as always and we have a booking system in place to ease crowds, but Hadlow Downers are very welcome any time (especially if you are coming on foot)!
Why not come on a Thursday or Friday for a Latte & chat once lock-down has lifted?
We also have decorations and gifts made by local artists and members for sale from The Hatch and courtyard stall. Oh, and Christmas Trees – we have quite a lot of those for sale too!


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